The era of 5G has arrived! Are you ready?

5G will follow in the footsteps of 4G and 3G — it will be different - very different.

The era of 5G has arrived! Are you ready?

With the technological advancements, the move from 3G to 4G was incredibly uneventful. In fact, 50% of the population globally still uses 3G more often. So, what’s the big deal about 5G? Will it change our lives? Yes and a big yes!

Evolving Internet of Things such as smart cities, driverless cars, insanely fast connectivity speeds, and it will transform the way how we see the world and react to it. The world is focusing on to develop the latest network, the fifth generation of mobile network. While it will follow in the footsteps of 4G and 3G — 5G will be different – very different.

5G will enhance network connectivity

The increasing prevalence of 5G will not only deliver faster, better mobile broadband services compared to 4G LTE, but it will also expand into new service areas including mission-critical communications and connecting the massive IoT. In addition to, 5G will enhance network capacity by expanding into a new spectrum, such as millimetre wave (mmWave). It will also deliver much lower latency for a quicker immediate response, and an overall uniform user experience so that the data network would stay consistently high even when the device is moving around.”

The 5G tech will also support direct communications that will allow vehicles to communicate with each other directly for improved road safety, for instance, automobile manufacturers have started testing connected cars on road. This mode of operation can operate without any dependency on the cellular network.

Media consumption will explode through the roof with the arrival of 5G services

Videos are the largest consumer of data usage currently around the world, and that’s only going to explode with 5G. This will, in turn, expand ways for digital advertising and digital appearance, for instance, the network can be used to track activities and give people location-based discounts. Easy access to information and experience will improve the quality of life of people by giving them newer accessible points for them to consume that information — like an interactive holograph, for instance, alongside traditional banner advertising.”

Globally, the government will be more effective

The network will make sure governments govern better, providing essential benefits like never before. Increased benefits such as real-time data transmission will promote public safety and security by giving instant information about incidents, and whether personnel are en-route or on site. Additionally, it will also improve security monitoring and smart lighting to help create safer streets.

Moreover, the national and international government will work on 5G’s blazing network speeds to advance developments in healthcare, transportation, safety, education among others. 5G will help reducing traffic by monitoring and controlling traffic lights; alerting drivers of traffic delays, and providing smart parking solutions that identify available spaces. It will also help smart cities manage energy and control carbon emissions by monitoring buildings lighting systems. Moreover, the tech is anticipated to improve water and power management by providing utility companies with analytics on supply and demand or system waster.

Furthermore, there’s an opportunity to make healthcare system cost-effective and have better outcomes because of the tech and the latency of the network. “5G would elevate virtual healthcare to new levels, enabling even more effective remote care in the coming years.”

Challenges will be there in the 5G rollout

While 5G tech will soon enter digital life, ensuring the fifth generation network rolls out as soon as possible is still remains a challenge.

How fast 5G services are accessible to each and every person still has a long way to be seen. “There’s a huge responsibility when bringing a new technology and it needs to be accessible to all. It’s when the industry will bring all these transformative new technologies like AR and other benefits of 5G that they reach every single person in even the remotest places around the world.

While the spectrum allocation has already started with the start of 2019, the use-cases of the network will have to be clearly defined. Industries that will get impacted positively have to be identified and services that 5G can bring to impact on the lives of people should also be identified. For instance, medicine, agriculture can be amongst the first sectors to harness the true potential of the upcoming network.”


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