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Nowadays, most people prefer doing part-time jobs or multiple jobs at a time. It especially started at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, even some of the students wish to do some kind of job along with their studies so that they can earn while learning. There are numerous jobs that one can do while sitting on the couch of their home. And one of them is data entry.

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What are Data Entry Jobs?

Data Entry is a kind of clerical work or we can say accumulating and compiling the data and arranging it in a systematic way by using various skills and computer programs and software. The person who carries out the work of data entry is called a data entry operator. One can apply to various industries, finance companies, healthcare departments, or stores if he/ she wishes to do this.

Basic Requirements for a Data Entry Operator

  • Fast-paced typing skills
  • Basic knowledge of computers and programs like MS Excel, MS Word, and others.
  • A minimum qualification of Higher Secondary or any Bachelor’s degree.
  • Skills to decode the data without any mistakes.
  • Data management skills

Salary for Online Data Entry Jobs

For these data entry jobs, you can earn thousands and lakhs while sitting in a cozy atmosphere. If you have good typing skills and other skills as preferred by the employer, then you will also be paid well. One can earn $15- $35+ per hour or $25000+ annually depending upon the quality of work they provided.

Platforms Providing Data Entry Jobs


This is at present one of the platforms providing multiple work opportunities to users. One can apply for any job according to his interest and skills or any company or hirer can post the notification of any job if they are in the need of any applicant.

You will have to register yourself on the platform first, then you can start looking out for the jobs of your interest. Moreover, the payment system is secure and you won’t be getting any problems related to it because payment is made through an escrow account. 


It is also a very popular platform for providing work-from-home job opportunities and offline work offers too. You can edit and avail data according to your interest by filtering it and mentioning your requirements. From a fresher to a skilled and experienced person anyone can apply for any job. The platform has provided jobs to millions of people till now.

It also avails you the chance to post your resume, so that a hirer can reach you directly or they can share job data accordingly.


This platform is increasing its users and growing rapidly. It offers you many high-quality and flexible career possibilities. Their specialized expert team helps you find companies and jobs as per your skills and interest. Additionally, you will be getting the chance to get a refund in case any problem or fraud occurs from the other side. Also, it is a scam-free and ad-free job-providing platform.

You can also get a membership of the platform and can avail of discounts for some special tasks.


Some of you must be well aware of this platform. And you might have also tried it. This is the most popular platform among people as it is reliable and provides quality jobs. 

To get the benefit of LinkedIn you will have to first register yourself, wherein you will be entering all the details related to your education, achievements, skills, and personal details. Thus, you get engaged and connected with those recruiters and jobs that are similar to your skills.


If you are already a skilled and experienced person and want to work in a cozy atmosphere without any pressure, then this site is for you. This platform presents you with numerous freelancing jobs in different categories and jobs. One can apply for any job in the category he/she likes. Moreover, any hirer can also mention the need of the applicant, and also the eligibility criteria required for that.

You will first have to signup on the platform and then you will get access to it and other features that it provides.

These are some of the numerous platforms that are available for providing online data entry jobs. So if you liked this article, then you can reach back to us and we will avail you with more such content.

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