How to Check File Size in WordPress in Easy Ways?

In this article, I’ll show you two techniques for determining a media file’s size in WordPress. You will learn how to complete this task specifically using the WordPress media library.

This tutorial will also show you how to use a plugin in WordPress to determine a media file’s size. In addition to that, I’ll also include a FAQ part in this tutorial. In that section, we’ll address some of the frequently asked questions about the subject of this tutorial.

Get File Size in WordPress Via Media Library

Each and every media file that you post to your WordPress website is immediately saved in the media library. As a result, you can simply see the size of a certain file using the media library. To find out how to do it, adhere to the steps stated below.

  1. Using an admin account, navigate to the dashboard on the backend of your WordPress website. To access the WordPress media library, choose Media from one of the menus on the dashboard’s left pane.
  2. Click the media file in the WordPress media library for which you want to know the file size.
  3. Finally, you can view the file size in the right pane of the attachment details page for the file.

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Display File Size in Word Press Using a Plugin

A plugin is another tool you can use to determine the size of a media file you’ve uploaded to your WordPress website. Additionally, WordPress offers a number of free plugins that let users do that. In contrast, the Media File Sizes plugin will be the main emphasis of this section.

How to Check File Size in WordPress

The list view of the WordPress media library page now includes a column that lists each media file’s file size. The installation and activation of this plugin in WordPress will thus be shown in the following subsections. You will also discover how to employ the plugin to display the file size in WordPress.

How to Install and Activate Media File Sizes Plugin in Word Press

  • Log into the backend of your WordPress site using an administrator account. Then, with your mouse pointer over Plugins in the list of choices on the backbend’s left pane, click Add New.
  • In the future, look for “media file sizes” on the Add Plugins page.
  • Then, on the Media File Sizes plugin link in the search result, click the Install Now option.
  • After installing the plugin, click the blue Activate button to make it active on your WordPress website.

How to Display File Size in WordPress Using Media File Sizes Plugin

How to Check File Size in WordPress

  • As soon as the plugin has been activated, make sure you are still logged in as the administrator of your WordPress website. Next, choose Media from the list of options in the left window.
  • By selecting the list view icon from the menu bar, you may now view the WordPress media library in the list view.
  • The WordPress media library’s list view will then display a column labeled “Space Used.” The file size of each media library item is displayed in the Space Used column.

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Final Thoughts

When trying to optimize the performance of your website using WordPress, it can be crucial to check the file size of your media files. Fortunately, this post included examples of numerous approaches to determining the size of media assets on your WordPress website.

We specifically covered how to carry out this activity using the WordPress media library. This tutorial also showed us how to use a plugin to check the size of media files in WordPress. Checking the size of any media file on your WordPress website should be simple with the aid of this article.

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