Stellaris: All About The Game [Full Guide in 2023]

Is science fiction your favorite genre to play? Are you familiar with the game Stellaris? If you have, you are probably familiar with its amazing gameplay and the grand strategy genre, as this is where the vast majority of gamers will fall.

Stellaris, developed and published by Paradox Interactive, is a 4X grand strategy video game. At its heart, it’s pure science fiction with a focus on space travel. Its original release was in 2016 for Windows, OS X, and Linux, with an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release following in 2019.

The year 2200 marks the start of this futuristic Paradox Interactive game about the struggle for survival in the years to come. The overarching goal is to prove to the rest of the cosmos that your species can thrive with the aid of the advanced technology and materials at your disposal.

Gameplay of Stellaris

Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy game in which players can discover, colonize, exploit, and eventually eradicate alien worlds. In the year 2200, when the game begins, every form of cutting-edge technology has been perfected. There are spaceships that can exceed the speed of light.

It’s up to you whether you want to conquer the galaxy or just get along with your neighbors. Either you use the available resources to further your technology or you hoard them.

This being a grand strategy game, players will employ ships of the military, buildings, and scientific advancements. Wars can be fought in a logical manner, and diplomatic channels can be used to establish relationships with different species.

At the outset, you can choose between three starting empires, make your own, or let the game’s system generate a random one for you. Next, consider the benefits and drawbacks of each species before settling on one. After then, you get to choose the ethics of the empire and make whatever adjustments to the empire that you like. After settling on a moral code for your empire, you can continue on to choose other specifics like its name, flag, appearance, king, and so on.

Stellaris gameplay

You begin with a single planet that hosts a number of factories and laboratories. In addition to the starbase, there are three smaller battleships, a science vessel, and a construction vessel. Before you can invade or make alliances, you need to explore and colonize. Your planet’s economy is based on the minerals, consumer items, food, metals, and energy credits that are produced and consumed there.

Between these larger periods of stability, tiny interplanetary events can occur.

Tutorial and Advice for Stellaris

  1. It’s aggravating when we’re in the thick of things and we start losing because of something that should have been obvious from the get-go. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a short list of Stellaris guidelines worth remembering.
  2. In the beginning of the game, colonization is a crucial action that must be taken repeatedly. You won’t be given permission to start colonizing other planets until you achieve a surplus in both minerals and energy. It will be quite some time before this is adequate, and that delay could spell disaster if you happen to face a cunning conqueror. Find peaceful ways to expand your territory as much as possible. Get your hands on any gadgets that can help you capture your neighbors.
  3. Second, make sure your ships have all they need and nothing more. Keep a small amount of everything so you may pick and choose what you need. If you want to defeat the enemy, it’s a good idea to have a mix of large and small ships at your disposal. A wide variety of weapons should be kept on hand.
    Learn about the defunct empires and do everything you can to live in peace with them.
  4. Despite their lack of interest in conquest, these empires field impressive armed forces. The Enigmatic Observers, the Militant Isolationists, the Holy Guardians, and the Keepers of Knowledge are the four main sorts of empires.
  5. You need to learn how to control your sway. Don’t try to acquire favor with the Frontier Outposts only to expand your territory. This has significant ramifications for the selection of future leaders and election cycles.
  6. Do not cease discovering the world at any time. You can still send your spaceships out to find new planets even if you are right up against your neighbor’s borders.
  7. Do not build structures or neighborhoods that are larger than necessary for the number of people that will be employed there. This piece of advice can be used right away. As long as you have people working in these areas, they will produce resources, but this comes at a price. More construction than population growth will result in a collapse of the economy. However, the costs of maintaining the pops increase when there are fewer districts than pops. Therefore, you need to find a happy medium between the number of districts and the population.
  8. It’s best to plan ahead for district construction during the game’s medium to late stages. Immigrants benefit from this since it creates more options for them to find work. You also need less time overall, and less time on each planet specifically. Your solid economy means you can now safely pay the necessary maintenance fees.
  9. You shouldn’t worry about whether or not the world’s resources are evenly distributed. While it may seem prudent to strike a balance, doing so offers no tangible benefits. There is no use in balancing each planet separately because the resources are constantly being transferred to and from your global pool. However, you can try to become an expert on your own planet. Do this when it’s late in the games, not at the beginning. Gaining planetary and construction bonuses is possible through planet specialization.
  10. Always keep a robust fleet ready for action. Having a formidable navy deters enemy empires from striking first. You can also eliminate the space bugs that are hindering your colonization efforts. Maintain a robust economy that can support your army at any time.
  11. In the initial stage, it was suggested that we colonize and spread out. However, you shouldn’t rush into this. The costs of research, leaders, and other factors will rise if the organization grows beyond its administrative capabilities. Consequently, if your economy is unstable, this will destroy your country. You shouldn’t start colonizing unless you’re sure your economy can handle it.
  12. The privileges and rituals associated with reaching higher ranks in the empire are a major source of strength. The ascension advantages allow you to specialize in the empire or construct new buildings, while the traditions increase various parts of it, such as military power and prosperity. Complete all rituals and gain all ascendancy benefits before the endgame crisis in 2450. Keep track of your unity income and the amount of time it takes to finish customs. If you want to be done by 2400 or 2450, stick to the 60-70 month time frame recommended by custom. Unity structures, ruler abilities, and other methods can be used to supplement your income.

Stellaris Tech Tree

Stellaris Tech Tree

A card shuffle method adds some randomness to the Stellaris Tech Tree, thus it’s not quite a tech tree as you might expect. However, the entire system can be conceptualized as a tree.

Technology can be broken down into three primary categories: engineering, physics, and society.

Tools, structures, weapons, warships, and more can all be unlocked with the help of engineering.

The study of physics is concerned with the control of energy in the cosmos. Power plants, AI, defenses, and more are all unlocked by this technology.

The culture of the empire is organized by society. Planetary colonization, genetic engineering, alternative forms of administration, and so on all fall under this umbrella.

In addition, these three areas of technology have shared 12 more subcategories. These subfields could be considered part of either major category; membership in either is not required.

Stellaris Cheat Codes

If you are facing any minor setback in your game, then there are chances that there is already a cheat code to help you out. Although cheat codes are usually frowned upon, taking a little help once in a while doesn’t really harm anyone.

To employ the cheat code, open the console in Stellaris. Start a brand new game or load your current game and press the “~” key (Tilde key) on your keyboard. You need to enter these in lowercase for them to work.

Now, let us take a look at all the cheat codes:

  • For cash, enter: Cash [Desired Amount]
  • For resources, enter: [Resource] [Desired Amount]
  • For invincibility, enter: Invincible
  • For researching all technology, enter: Research_Technologies
  • For enabling/disabling AI, enter: AI
  • For surveying, every star system and all the planets on the map, enter: Survey
  • For influence, enter: Influence [Desired Amount]
  • For making all AI accept your demands (society), enter: Debug_Yesmen
  • For finishing all incomplete construction, enter: Instant_Build
  • For finishing construction for all current research projects, enter: Finish_Research
  • To play as a different faction/Fallen Empire, enter: Play [Faction ID]. Note that faction IDs for Fallen Empires begin one number higher than the total empires in the current game.
  • For adding new trait to species, enter: Add_Trait_Species [Species] [Trait Key]
  • For removing any trait from species, enter: Remove_Trait_Species [Species] [Trait Key]
  • For changing the class of your current planet, enter: Planet_Class [Class ID]
  • For increasing the happiness of current planet, enter: Planet_Happiness [Desired Amount]
  • For adjusting planet size, enter: Planet_Size [Desired Amount]
  • For damaging selected ship, enter: Damage [Desired Amount]
  • For causing the next election, enter: Democratic_Election
  • For moving ahead in the calendar, enter: Fast_Forward [Desired Amount]
  • For enabling/disabling FTL, enter: FTL
  • For enabling/disabling instant colonization, enter: Instant_Colony
  • For enabling/disabling instant teleportation of ships, enter: Instant_Move
  • For switching to observer mode, enter: Observe


This Stellaris Guide was meticulously compiled to provide helpful hints and cheats to other players of the game. Stellaris is a big strategy game with a steep learning curve. Therefore, it is our sincere desire that this guide serves you well from the very beginning to the very end of the game. Have Fun Discovering!

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